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It's time to confront the mental health effects of racism against Black Torontonians.

Anti-Black racism continues to impact the daily lives of Black Torontonians. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there is a desire and a demand, from communities across the globe, to increase awareness and initiate action to address the impact of anti-Black racism on mental health and social well-being.

Research confirms a correlation between racism and mental health, suggesting those who  witness or become the target of anti-Black racism throughout their lifespan, may experience an adverse affect on their physical and mental health as a result.

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It’s overdue. After generations of anti-Black racism, it’s still a year-round problem for Black Torontonians. An annual day to confront its effects on mental health in Black communities is only a first step.



Monday March 2nd, 2020.

And the first Monday in March, every year after.



Featured and community-led events, designed to drive productive dialogue and acknowledgment of the need for systemic change. 



All Torontonians can get involved— from neighbours to policymakers. 



Spaces across Toronto. See below to learn more.

400 years of racism, brutality and prejudice. It's no wonder Black people need a day for their mental health.

about black mental health day


Torontonians shares their thoughts on Black Mental Health Day.

Liben Gebremikael, Executive Director of TAIBU Community Health Centre

David Lewis-Peart, educator, community worker and writer

Josette Drummond, mother, educator and business owner

Paul Bailey, president of Black Health Alliance

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